Leaderboard casino poker - 11730

With a turbo structure, it wouldn't be long until we were down to the final table of eight as Connor Drinan held the chip lead over JC Tran and Nam Le. Le doubled Scott Vener up and then was out in 8th his    couldn't win a race against Joe Hachem. David Goldberg fell in 7th before Vener lost a huge race holding    against Drinan's pocket jacks to give Drinan half the chips in play. The World Champion in Hachem would then be crippled to an ante when he ran into Tran's pocket aces before exiting the next hand to leave four players fighting on the bubble. Having been one of the chip leaders for the majority of the day leading up to the final table, Jason Koon would unfortunately become the bubble boy when shipped all in with a weak ace and ran into Tran's dominating. With Lindgren and Drinan now the most recent entrants into the Big One for One Drop, there are just 14 spots remaining until it is capped out. Lindgren: Tran: With Tran in great shape to double having Lindgren drawing to three outs, the dealer spread a     flop to produce gasps from the many onlookers on the rail.


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